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Finding jobs

We offer jobs in Budapest, countryside and abroad soon in every field.

How can we help you to find the right workplace for you?

If you take the contact with us, you are registrated in our database automatically. We are in contact with numerous firms, wich charged us with offering jobs depending on qualifications, language and work experience. We search the most suitable job for you based on your CV and personal talk. We inform you about the possible workplaces, the work routines and arrange the job interview for you. Furthermore, you can check the workplaces in the galery in our website.

What kind of job can we offer for you?

Permanent work
In case you look for permanent work, we can help you the most suitable job for you depending on your qualifications and expectations, where you can find success, appreciations or promotion.

Contemporary work
It is the best choice to have contemporary job, if you like arranging your own time, different works and having rich work experience. We can offer jobs for one-two days, a few weeks or even longterm. You will have chance to get the next charge after a successfuly fulfilled work. This flexibility and manykind experience ensure great advantage during your career.