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Live and work in Hungary Fundation

Tax number: 18183959-1-42
Bank account: 11708001-20545338
Phone number: +36 (30) 934-7083

Address: Budapest, Baross u. 131. 5th floor 1.
Customer service: Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00.

Facebook: @LiveandWorkinHungary

Our aim

Our aim is to help those foreign people who would like to live and work legally in Hungary. We help in every administration connecting to residental permit, work permit, permit of residence. With our help you get the right information, which helps you to be successful at the authorities proceedings.

For comapanies and for private individuals we arrange full service administration from work permit through the residental permit and permit of residence. We treat your datas confidently, before the administration we provied you free advise about what will happen in the process. In association with the LIVE and WORK in HUNGARY Fundation for private individuals we provide free advise and administration for residental permit and permit of residence.

We provide free assistance service for job seekers to find the right job.

In association with our partner companies we are ready to solve your recruiting problems as well as your employee-leasing problems. Because of the unique parameters we need a personal appointment to discuss the details. Please contact with us.

Hungarian citizenship

How can we get a Hungarian citizenship in 8 steps?

From step by step we introduce you the way to the Hungarian Citizenship with this diagram. The process is more difficult so we need a personal meeting to help you. On weekdays we are welcome you in our office to help you with free advise.

nyolc lépés táblázat

1. step: company. Find a job.

2. step: work permit. Decision:1 month.

3. step: visa. Decision: 2 months.

4. step: new work permit. 3 months before the visa expires you have to apply for a new work permit.

5. step: permit of residence. NOTE: You have to submit you papers 30 days before your Visa expire with your new work permit. Thats why you have to start arrange your papers 3 months before the expiration!

6. step: residential permit. If you can prove you previous Hungarian nationality you dont have to wait 3 years. But you can get the permit only if your living cost and expenses are financially proven. The important point is the IRS certificate of the previous year. Categories: Have to wait 2 years if married with a Hungarian citizen and have been living together in Hungary at least for 1 year. Decision: 6 months.

7. step: wait according categories. Proven Hungarian nationality you dont have to wait 8 years, right after the residential permit you can submit you naturalization papers. Categories: 5 years if you were born in Hungary or have nested (had residential permit) earlier as a minor, or stateless. 3 years if you have been living together with a Hungarian citizen and you are married or your minor is Hungarian citizen. Hungarian citizen adopted you or you are an admitted refugee.

8. step: submit the naturalization documents. Decision: 1 year.

foreign employe

How can we hire a foreign employe?

Hungarian employer can hire a foreigner only if the national labour agency doesnt find a hungarian person for the position within 15 days. This process is called as workforce-need procedure and only after this period can the candidate apply for the individual work permit.
This work permit entitle the foreigner to apply for a working visa in his/her own country at the hungarian embassy. The decision of it is approximately 60 days.This work permit is valid only for one position at one employer and can not used any other workplace. We provide full service arrangement for this procedure and you are welcome at us!

Dont hesitate to contact us!

Documents required for work permit


We need the company papers but for the right information please contact us to tell you the details! 
Adress: 1089 Budapest, Baross u. 131. 5th floor 1. Customer service: Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00. Contact person: Gergely Ferenc - Phone number: 06 (30) 328-2297, 06 (30) 934-7083. 


  • Személyi igazolvány (közjegyzõ által hitelesített másolatban, valamint fénymásolatban is, ami a kezdéshez elegendõ)
  • Lakcímkártya (közjegyzo által hitelesített másolatban, valamint fénymásolatban is, ami a kezdéshez elegendõ)
  • Adó és Tb. Kártya (közjegyzõ által hitelesített másolatban, valamint fénymásolatban is, ami a kezdéshez elegendõ)
  • Tulajdonlap (friss eredeti, valamint fénymásolatban is, ami a kezdéshez elegendo, Fovárosi kerületek földhivatala, XI. ker. Budafoki u. 59/C. H-K-SZ: 7-17.30-ig.)

  • Medical certificate according to the job position.
    VIII. Üllõi u. 86, From 8am till 2pm -6000 HUF. (At the Nagyvárad square - Heim Pál hospital, Entrance 2., 1st. floor, 151st room., dr. Horváth Mária Adrien, tel: 459-9202)
  • Previous work permit if you had.
  • First page photo copy of the passport. (please write down your mothers maiden name, marital status and place of birth)
  • Authentic copy about your school papers (OFI. VI. Bajza u. 52)

Foreigners who have been married with a person who settled in Hungary for 1 year:

  • Authentic copy of the marrige certificate
  • Notarized statement about the symbiosis (declaration about the marrige)
  • The Authentic copy of the foreigners passport. (page with the picture + visa to prove the 1 year residence
  • The Authentic copy of the settled persons identity card (page with picture is enough)